Are there differences between Developers in Germany and United Kingdom?

Paul Dzitse
12 min readMar 2, 2021


UK is the first and only country formally to leave the EU, after 47 years. The European single market is centred around “four freedoms” namely free movement in goods, services, people, and capital. Experts have made known that movement of services and people have both been lost through this exit.

Assuming we have a situation where movement of services and people only exist between Germany and UK and no other country, how would this restriction affect picture of the landscape of Developers in the two countries?

This is the main focus of this article. We select some variables from the 2020 Stack Overflow Survey dataset as bases to determining the similarities and differences between developers of both countries. The dataset has 3,890 developers from Germany and 3,896 from UK. The unit of measure is the percentage differences of some selected factors pertaining to the developers.

We first calculate the percentages of the selected factors for developers in each country and then calculate percentage differences between similar factors. We then determine the magnitude of the percentage difference for the given factor. We substract the percentages factors of UK from that of Germany. In the aftermath, graphical visualisation is presented. The table below gives a clearer explanation of our approach.

Percentage Differences of Job Factors for Developers

Finally, we test the hypothesis to ascertain, if direction of magnitude of the measure (percentage differences) for the given factors are statistically significant or not and then draw our conclusion.

The null hypothesis is that: percentage difference for the considered factor is statistically insignificant as against the alternative that the difference is significant. The hypothesis test is done using 95% confidence interval.

Cementing the rational for our approach, we make following assumption about our dataset.

  1. The sampling method for each population of developers is simple random sampling.
  2. The samples are independent.
Paul Dzitse

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